Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How conference organizers can create better attendee experiences

While organizing a conference, organizers often face with a dilemma about how to create better attendee experiences. This leads to exploration of different ways like offering free lunches, creating space for workshops at the end of meetings, etc. However, to increase attendee experience, a general series of steps should be followed:

Better Communication: Organizers really need to communicate with potential attendees for getting the maximum of attendee experience. Attendees should know every detail about the conference including transport facilities, logistics, etc, and should be provided with all forms of communication measures to contact organizers. In an era of digital connectivity, only employing conventional methods like emails and phone calls is not enough. Smartphone based app, which provide real time data regarding all aspects should be developed too.

Preparing a Theme: Like any good presentation, a proper theme should be put in place, such that it puts up a display of probable subjects the conference will be about. A theme helps in unifying ideas, sell and market to right people, and get appropriate speakers. Besides putting up a theme, a proper name (something punchy yet simple), helps to attract target audience.

Choose Speakers: There might be tons of good speakers available who would go on for hours about relevant topics, but the best ones put in phrases which tend to attract audience, and put them on their feet. However, Good speakers are also the hardest to find, as they are generally booked earlier than others.

Decide on Partners: Running and organizing a conference single handed can be a nightmare for organizers. This apparent reason almost always creates partnerships between two or even three organizations for hosting and successfully running a conference with maximum possible attendees.

Proper Venue: However lucrative the subject of conference meeting may be, venue plays a big role in determining the number of attendees. If transportation facilities to the venue from urban centers or the venue itself are not up to the mark, a very small group of audience will make it for the conference.

Affordability of Good Speakers: Hiring of good speakers for any conference also requires a tremendous financial support, which would include the speakers’ travel, meal and residing costs besides the time for which they are supposed to deliver lectures. In absence of financial backing, the audience should not be however, charged for funding these expenses.

Plan a Budget Ahead: If as an organizing committee, expenses seem to frequently go out of hand, try to zip it up within the agreed budget, and dodge extra expenses for good. Otherwise, the conference itself will tumble into shreds.

Providing Guests and Attendees with Lunch: It is an option often explored by organizers; this measure tends to keep audience in their seats for the whole time, and saves them from the pain of having to hunt for a perfect location to have meals. Though it expands the expenses, it is an effective way to increase alignments with attendees.

Using Contacts as Bargaining Chips: Organizing members have lots of contacts which can be used as bargaining chips to bring out maximum attendees as possible. These contacts via popular social networking platforms further boost connectivity and information sharing regarding details of conference meetings.

Using Help from Technical Team: A team experienced in organizing conferences should be hired, as they can make necessary arrangements, and take swift measures in case of any situations, which the organizing committee may fail to oversee.

Receive Feedbacks: All said and done, gathering feedbacks with niceness is an awesome strategy for determining the quality of services, and also ensures the presence of attendees in bigger volumes in further conference meetings.


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