Sunday, February 21, 2016

Top 10 Conferences on Knowledge Engineering

Conferences have been used since centuries to instill passion about a subject, inform other scientists about advances and innovations, build common joint platforms for pursuing works together, and for generating future academic interests in students. Knowledge engineering in particular has received popularity and support from all layers of society and all corners of the globe partly to create a technological base in host countries, and partly to create skilled personnel force for pursuing further research ill sectors ranging from HR, IT, Marketing, finance, legal and facilities. We have shortlisted some of the best conferences on Knowledge Engineering to be held in 2016:

·         2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Built Environment
Scheduled to take place on March 10th, at Vellore, India, this conference will be a once in a year opportunity to provide self lifelong education on the environment, ecology and related spheres.

·         5th International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT 2016)
In an attempt to set standards in line with the global best, this conference has been planned at Singapore on March 30th. This conference also calls for interaction among students and scholars from all parts of the globe to instill a sense of mutual cooperation and learning.

·         Language in the Online & Offline World 5
Aimed at studying the language in both digital and physical world, this conference will focus on understanding emerging patterns in language, and their rise. This conference will be held on 19th April at Surabaya, Indonesia.

·         3rd International Conference: Towards Research-Informed and Practice of Early Childhood Education
Scheduled to occur at Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia on May 13th, this conference will stress on the need of child education and higher education, and a more efficient way to implement guidelines already put in place. Stress is going to be placed on the need for further research in improving quality of education, and not just in quantity.

·         International Congress of World Association of Educational Research (AMSE-AMCE-WAER)
Scheduled to take place on May 30th, at Eskisehir, Turkey, this conference will draw in the best minds of this decade in relation with researches in sphere of education. In addition to mere interactions among scholars and policy makers, a workshop will also be organized, as is the norm in such congress meetings, which will focus on hurdles and their solutions in attaining the desired goals.

·         Challenges of the Knowledge Society 2016
Scheduled to take place at Bucharest, Romania on May 20th, this conference will exclusively discuss the challenges projected by the knowledge society, and focus on taking joint strides with domestic as well as international partners in preparing a desired outcome. Policymakers and scholars alike will provide their ideas and solutions regarding those challenges and voice in favor of building a shared platform for exploring effective solutions.

·         The Fourth Undergraduate Conference on ELT, Linguistics, and Literature 2016
This conference at Yogyakarta, Indonesia on June 18th will be a awakening call for undergraduates who want to pursue their career in the aforementioned fields. Not only can they interact with scholars present at this conference, undergraduates can also learn about their scopes, prospects and challenges.

·         The International Conference on Learning: “Education in the Age of the Anthropocene” - A Common Ground Conference
Scheduled to take place on July 13th, at Vancouver, Canada, this conference will bring in scholars from all parts of the globe those have a vivid interest in any level of education, explore challenges, discuss on vulnerabilities, and seek shared solution. This interdisciplinary conference has a tremendous potential to set up new guidelines in the sphere of education for upgrading our resource based systems.

·         ISER- 66th International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2016)
Intended to provide a platform for sharing of ideas and knowledge, this conference at Mexico will draw in huge gatherings of scholars and researchers.

·         Eurocall 2016

Bringing in the best of administrators, researchers, educators, PhD students alike, this conference on August 24th at Limassol, Cyprus, will be a giant gathering for discussing in the field of computer assisted language learning.


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