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International joint conference on artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence conference

 The world is heading towards a new reality of advancement and value-addition with the invention of AI. AI is currently creating revolutionary changes in the world of technology. Hence, the path of AI requires the inculcation of innovative ideas and designs. Artificial intelligence has the power to imitate human intelligence in an extensive way.

Therefore, the computerized, synthetic yet appropriate form of intelligence can ultimately help us. Thus, to address those ways, many researchers and innovators join the most popular tech-based gathering IJCAI. IJCAI, or International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, is a conference of AI practitioners and researchers. It is one of the most prestigious conferences for the AI community. Hence, you need to know more about it. Here is what else you need to know about this tech-based annual gathering.

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

A non-profit organization of California, the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence is the organizer of those conferences. Moreover, this highly prestigious AI conference took place biennially during odd-numbered years. However, since 2016 it is happening annually with its highly selective approach. Researchers, practitioners, scientists eagerly look forward to joining this conference as it challenges the invitees. For instance, during 2011, only 17% of the submitted papers the forum had accepted. IJCAI has two of its divisions:  AI Journal Division and Conference Division.

The central focus of the arranged conferences:

Evidently, the IJCAI operates with a highly focused goal to create the world a better place for AI. Thus, it invites new ideas, innovations, evolutions, etc., to address and improve AI.  Furthermore, the conferences serve both educational and scientific purposes. Besides, IJCAI aims to disseminate AI at the meetings of scientific innovations. The material disseminations appear in books, video recordings, presentations, proceedings, etc.

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence attentively addresses the loopholes in the AI sector. Consequently, it drives focuses on the uncertainty in AI, future prospects, innovative ways to implement AI in real-life sectors. Therefore, papers that discuss overlooked or unseen gaps of AI or innovative incorporations get invitations. Hence the journals have to be precise, elaborative, critical, and value-worthy for selection. Therefore, the outcome is quite prestigious for the researchers. Therefore, people look forward to selection and recognition at this conference.

Research awards at IJCAI:

Essentially, the researchers with groundbreaking ideas and innovations receive appreciation and awards at IJCAI. Hence, here are the three research awards that IJCAI presents at its conferences.

  • IJCAI Computers and Thought Award: IJCAI gives this award to those young scientists who have outstanding contributions to AI.
  • The Donald E.Walker  Distinguished Service Award: IJCAI offers this award to senior scientists as a token of honor for their empowering contributions.
  • The IJCAI Award for Research Excellence: IJCAI offers these awards to scientists who have exceptional achievements. Scientists who have worked on consistently high-quality research and offered outstanding outcomes receive this award.
  • Best Paper Award: IJCAI presents this award to appreciate the best quality papers during the conferences.


Details on IJCAI Artificial Intelligence Conferences 2022:

Since it is one of the highly prestigious AI conferences, IJCAI features some essential tracks. Owing to this fact, the IJCAI conference of 2022 will also feature the trenches. These tracks are undoubtedly the USP factors of this gathering. Here are the tracks that will feature this year.

  • Tutorials and workshops
  • A major technical program
  • One doctoral consortium
  • A track on initial career spotlight  
  • Notable tracks on AI's importance
  • Survey and journal tracks
  • A demo with a video and a robotic exhibition track
  • Competitions and challenges
  • a program on diversity and inclusion

The 31st IJCAI is about to happen in Austria Vienna from 23rd July to 29th July. Hence, following the traditions, IJCAI 2022 will also bring together the AI community to communicate for advancement.


AI has the power to change the way we look at the world. It helps businesses in various ways and goes on to create unique experiences for everyone. The goal of IJCAI is to address those ways. It invites the ideas to come together and unify for a better future and extensive innovation.


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