If you are interested in engineering and technology, you might want to attend some of the upcoming conferences in November 2023. These conferences will provide you with the opportunity to learn from the experts, network with peers, and showcase your research or products. Here are some of the engineering and technology conferences that you may join.

National Conference on Recent Advances in Science, Engineering, Technology and Management (NCRASETM) - 01st Nov,2023 - Venue : Singapore, Singapore

International Conference on Big Data, IoT, Cyber Security and Information Technology (ICBDICSIT) , Date: 4th November 2023, Venue: Tokyo, Japan

International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Information Technology (ICITBDIT) - 20th Nov,2023 - Venue : Istanbul, Turkey

International conference on contemporary issues in science, engineering and technology (ICCISET) - 21st Nov,2023 - Venue : Singapore, Singapore 

International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology (ICSET) - 21st Nov,2023 - Venue : Buenos Aires, Argentina