International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Technology and Science (ICRAETS)

(ICRAETS) Engineering, Technology,

The main purpose of ICRAETS (International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Technology, and Science) is to create a platform for participants from different parts of the world to share their ideas and experiences in person with their peers who have similar interests. 

This event will also enable the attendees to build research or business connections and to find international partners for future collaborations in their career development. We expect that ICRAETS will result in significant contributions to the knowledge base in these current scientific fields in scope.

What are the topics covered in ICRAETS?

The topics covered in ICRAETS are various aspects of engineering, technology, and science, such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, blockchain, Internet of things, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and more. 

How many participants usually attend ICRAETS?

According to the websites of the different editions of ICRAETS, the number of participants usually varies depending on the location, date, and theme of the conference. However, based on the available data, it seems that the average number of participants is around 100 to 150 per conference. 

These participants include academics, researchers, engineers, industrialists, and students from various fields and countries. The conference provides them with an opportunity to share their ideas and experiences, as well as to establish research or business relations and find international collaborations.

What is the duration of ICRAETS?

The duration of ICRAETS varies depending on the edition and location of the conference. However, based on the available information from the web search results, it seems that most of the ICRAETS conferences are held for one day. 

The typical schedule of the conference includes an inaugural session, keynote speeches, technical sessions, poster presentations, and a valedictory session. The conference also provides lunch and tea breaks for the participants.

Upcoming conferences 

If you are interested in the topics covered by the conference, such as engineering, technology, and science, and want to learn from the experts, network with peers, and showcase your research or products, then you might find ICRAETS beneficial and rewarding. 


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