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Thursday, March 31, 2022

What is the role of attending a conference in doing a PhD?

Overall, conferences provide an excellent opportunity for Ph.D. students to develop professionally.  First, it allows the student to network with other scholars in their field and learn about new research that is being conducted. 

Second, it gives the student a chance to present their own research in front of an audience and receive feedback. Finally, it can help the student to identify potential supervisors or collaborators for their own project. Attending a conference can be a daunting prospect for some students, but it is an important part of the Ph.D. process. 

It is important to remember that everyone is there to learn and share knowledge, so don’t be afraid to approach people and strike up conversations. If you are presenting your own research, remember that this is an opportunity to get feedback from experts in your field – so use it as an opportunity to improve your work. And finally, take advantage of any networking opportunities that come up – you never know who you might meet!

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What does 'call for papers' mean?

 A 'call for papers' is an announcement, usually made by a conference organizer, seeking submissions of abstracts or research papers. The announcement will include details on the submission process as well as deadlines and any specific requirements for formatting or topic. 

Calls for papers are also made by journals in order to fill their pages. In this case, the journal will have its own guidelines for submissions which must be followed in order for your paper to be considered. The paper itself may go through a peer-review process before being accepted or rejected for publication.

If you are thinking of submitting a paper to either a conference or journal, keep an eye out for calls for papers that align with your interests and expertise. It is important to read the announcement carefully in order to ensure that your submission meets all the necessary requirements.

How do I start a presentation for an international conference?

Assuming you have already been accepted to present at the conference, there are a few key things to keep in mind when preparing your presentation.

 First, it is important to consider who your audience will be. Will they be experts in your field? Will they come from different cultural backgrounds? Taking into account who will be listening to your presentation will help you determine how to structure your material and what level of detail to go into. 

Second, remember that not everyone will be familiar with the acronyms and jargon used in your field. It is important to define any terms that might not be understood by the general public.

 However, try not to over-explain concepts that would already be familiar to those working in your field. Balance is key here - you don’t want to lose the interest of either type of listener. 

Finally, think about how you can make your presentation visually appealing. Incorporating graphs, charts, and other types of visuals can help add interest and clarity for listeners. 

Just be sure that any visuals you use complement rather than replace your verbal explanations. With these considerations in mind, you should be well on your way to giving a great presentation at an international conference!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

An international conference with journal publication in 2022

If you are an aspiring researcher or scholar and you are preparing for your Masters or Ph.D. then you must have been a part of some conferences that can be National Conferences or International Conferences. Conferences are the best places to present your research paper and publish it. Often conferences provide Journal publication along with the conference publication. Here we will see the international conference with journal publication in 2022.

Researchers and scholars prefer the conference which has a journal publication facility that adds more value to their research and conference attendance. The Conference has the publication of papers in a book called Conference proceeding.

The conference proceeding contains the full papers presented in the conference and the abstracts. The conference proceeding is published by reputed publishers after the peer-review process. The proceeding may contain an ISBN number.

The conference having journal publication carries more value rather than an only conference. The publication in the journal is now a requirement for getting your degree. Publication in the journal could definitely bring attestation to your research paper. The researchers and world's scientists could review your paper and give suggestions to your research work.

Make sure about the conference and confirm what the organizer is offering.

Now conferences are happening everywhere and even the individual person is organizing international conferences. As an author and researcher, you must avoid such conferences. These are mostly predatory conferences.

We at being one of the most trusted conferences alerts websites are not allowing such conferences to get listed in our portal.

We encourage the trusted universities, learning societies, publishers and organizations to get listed their upcoming conferences and events with us. Join International Conference Site.

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