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Top 10 Conferences on Nanotechnology in 2016

Nanotechnology is one of the areas where innovation has propelled at a pace unprecedented since the late 20 th century. Almost every field has benefited from nanotechnology innovations, be it development of green technology to application in medical sciences, our quality of life has witnessed a surge in ways never before observed. It is therefore only natural that global conferences and interactions will be organized throughout the globe to discuss and share the advancements related to these fields. Like each year, 2016 too is dotted with prescheduled conferences on nanotechnology which will take place all over the planet. The potential for these conferences is massive as knowledge sharing is a key factor in facilitating innovation. The top 10 conferences on Nanotechnology  in 2016 have been summarized:  ·                 International Conference on Computing, Communication, Nanophotonics, Nanoscience, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (I2C4N-2K16) , Earnakulam, India, will p

Top 10 Academic Conferences in 2016

Academic conferences are highly sought after by institutes engaged in researches, researchers pursuing their careers in these institutes or independent researchers and students who are willing to take up research projects. Global as well as national conferences attract all kinds of gifted minds and form an indispensable part of knowledge exchanges. Better connectivity, knowledge sharing and improved cooperation are some of the immediate evident results of these types of conferences. Most conferences come with subsequent workshops where researchers present their ideas or works in front of others, and a healthy atmosphere of knowledge exchanges in form of interactive sessions occur. These interactive sessions are of utmost importance as many times institutes pursuing research activities in same areas of interest are separated by geopolitical differences as well as time restraints. However, these platforms present these institutes and research scholars with a unique opportunity to ge

Best Business Conferences in India & Why?

Business conferences in growing economies like India are important for both growth of businesses as well as creation and inclusion of trained personnel in business activities. Moreover, India has recently witnessed a startup boom, and many successful startups headed by young entrepreneurs had created a pan India footprint, and are looking towards expanding their operations and exploring new segments for further growth. Business conferences are an ideal platform for producing these ideas, and are often symbolic of established business houses mentoring these new startups. New business houses which have been around for only a decade, yet managed to grab a chunk of markets too gather in these conferences to get an idea of the next level of competition which may emerge from startup ventures. Add to this the level of information sharing, a joint platform for raising concerns regarding market potentials, lack of skilled personnel and local restraints like public and political unrest. D

How do you become a Conference Speaker?

Speaking in a conference is an art which is not mastered by all. It takes years of practice to become a very successful conference speaker. However, there are certain points which can be followed in order to become a successful conference speaker. 1):-   Speaking in a conference is all about entertaining the guests so that they are focused to what you are saying. So what you speak should be 49% data and 51% entertainment. 2):- When you are preparing the talk, include stuff which will give them a chance to think on and contemplate on when the event is over. 3):-   Including words or a quote from famous people which is relevant to your topic of discussion helps in making the presentation interesting with minimal effort. 4):-   Ignore including loads of slides. While speaking, limit the slides to one or two per minute that you speak. 5):-   While you are preparing your slides make sure they are visible. You can test it by sitting at the end of the hall and viewing your s

International Conferences on Medicine you should never miss

We all know that a Doctor’s profession is the noblest one, and he is that noble soul whom we rely on and trust blindly, when something goes wrong with our health. They play a very important role in our lives, and are there to cure and take care of us when we need them the most. During serious injuries and illness, the medical physicians are always there round the clock, with their expertise which help them diagnose the ailment, and treat the patients till they are out of their illness. Doctors always are on the lookout to gain more expertise on the vast skill base in the medical field that ever keeps growing, and hence try to keep a check on the latest Conferences, Events or Workshops that are scheduled across various locations, just to keep themselves updated about the latest happenings around the globe in the medical field. But, the busy doctor fraternity will not always have enough time at hand to check with the Organizers on the various upcoming events nearby. So, at such situa