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How do you become a Conference Alert Speaker?

Speaking in a conference is an art which is not mastered by all. It takes years of practice to become a very successful conference speaker. However, there are certain points which can be followed in order to become a successful conference speaker.          How do you become a  Conference Alert Speaker? Speaking in a conference is all about entertaining the guests so that they are focused to what you are saying. So what you speak should be 49% data and 51% entertainment. When you are preparing the talk, include stuff which will give them a chance to think on and contemplate on when the event is over. Including words or a quote from famous people which is relevant to your topic of discussion helps in making the presentation interesting with minimal effort. Ignore including loads of slides. While speaking, limit the slides to one or two per minute that you speak. While you are preparing your slides make sure they are visible. You can test it by sit