Thursday, November 1, 2018

How do you become a Conference Alert Speaker?

Speaking in a conference is an art which is not mastered by all. It takes years of practice to become a very successful conference speaker. However, there are certain points which can be followed in order to become a successful conference speaker.

        How do you become a  Conference Alert Speaker?
  1. Speaking in a conference is all about entertaining the guests so that they are focused to what you are saying. So what you speak should be 49% data and 51% entertainment.
  2. When you are preparing the talk, include stuff which will give them a chance to think on and contemplate on when the event is over.
  3. Including words or a quote from famous people which is relevant to your topic of discussion helps in making the presentation interesting with minimal effort.
  4. Ignore including loads of slides. While speaking, limit the slides to one or two per minute that you speak.
  5. While you are preparing your slides make sure they are visible. You can test it by sitting at the end of the hall and viewing your slides.
  6. While preparing slides, stick to the common fonts which are well visible and make sure to utilize appropriate font size that can be visible at the back.
  7. Don’t have high expectation if it is your first time while speaking in a conference, then expect not to do excellent.
  8. Take the help of the awesome technologies that are available at present for making your presentation an excellent one. It is the age of technologies and loads of technologies are available which help in the betterment of both making your presentation as well as presenting it in front of the audience so that you don’t have to work very hard on preparing the presentation and your audience can get the best of what you say. You can get cordless remotes for interacting with guests, apps which will help in making the process interactive, various software which will help you to create an excellent presentation.
  9. When you are on the stage, try to be yourself as much as possible. Straying too far from yourself will make you put in more effort which may be problematic. Also make sure that to grasp the complete attention of your audience and learn to make the difference between when your audience is focused on you and when they are drifting away. That’s the time when you need to make your topic exciting and make them refocus on you. When you are planning your conference, make sure that you are opening with a great line or quote. The first impression you make will have a lasting effect on the audience and will carry you a long way.
  10. When you are in the question answer session of the conference, make sure that both your questions and answers are well audible and understood by the audiences. Repeat the question you are asking, a couple of times, so that all of the people present in the room are aware of your question. When you are answering the question asked to you, try to explain it as much as you can but make sure that your are not dragging the explanation as it will bore your audience. Try to read the expression of the person who is asking you a question, this will help you get a hang of whether your explanation is clear to him or not. Have confidence, it’s your conference, you know the best.

 We hope the following points have aided you to do better in speaking in your conference. All the best! Team

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