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Computer Software and Applications Conference 2020

Software and applications is a major topic that is discussed on an international platform. Academia, industrial experts, professionals, scientists, researchers and scholars from related fields gather together from around the world. They share their views and opinions, submit research papers. Some of the international conferences have been mentioned below appearing in the upcoming months of the year in different countries. 1.     International Conference on Software Application, Engineering and Applied Sciences: -  It is a great opportunity for researchers, professionals, scientists, and scholars from around the world to come together to Dubai for this international conference. The date of the conference is scheduled to be 12-13 June 2020. The venue is Flora Creek Deluxe Hotel Apartments, Dubai UAE. 2.     International Conference on Computer organization, System Architecture, and Engineering Applications : - This conference is going to be held on May 21-22 in Berlin Germany

Conferences Organized in Barcelona, Spain in March, 2020

Barcelona, Spain is prepared to host a remarkable number of International Conferences in all its glory in the month of March, 2020. It heartily welcomes distinguished delegates, excellences and academics from different spheres to discuss various issues and topics. This is a perfect opportunity to renew contacts for future reference and collaborations. Top 4 International Conferences in Barcelona , Spain March, 2020 1.       International Conference on Advanced Energy Materials and Research (ICAEMR) - The agenda of the conference covers a multitude of interesting facts and opportunities. Researchers, delegates and interested students from all over the world will meet to discuss and work together in this unique field. DATE: 23 rd – 24 th MARCH CONCERNED TOPIC: ENERGY 2.       International Conference on Medical and Biosciences (ICMB) – The agenda of the conference covers a multitude of interesting facts and opportunities. Researchers, delegates and interested students f

Calendar March 2020 - International Conferences in Toronto, Canada

International Conferences are not only valuable and significant but also necessary at the same time. It single handedly provides the attendees with crisp and important information from the academic sphere and construct an ideal forum for professional exchange of views and goals. Toronto, Canada has designated specific dates for conducting International Conferences to promote widespread education and knowledge. Let us have a quick look at the International Conferences organized in Toronto,  Canada in March, 2020 . International Annual Digital Talent Acquisition Summit About Conference: Prepare and regulate your recruitment with innovative and recent technologies and developments. The conference will highlight the future of talent sourcing which is new and unexplored. Organizer: Strategy Institute International Conference on Electrochemistry About Conference: The conference will bring together all the researchers and scientists to the common platform for discussi