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Top 10 Conferences on Knowledge Engineering

Conferences have been used since centuries to instill passion about a subject, inform other scientists about advances and innovations, build common joint platforms for pursuing works together, and for generating future academic interests in students. Knowledge engineering in particular has received popularity and support from all layers of society and all corners of the globe partly to create a technological base in host countries, and partly to create skilled personnel force for pursuing further research ill sectors ranging from HR, IT, Marketing, finance, legal and facilities. We have shortlisted some of the best conferences on Knowledge Engineering to be held in 2016: ·          2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Built Environment Scheduled to take place on March 10 th , at Vellore, India, this conference will be a once in a year opportunity to provide self lifelong education on the environment, ecology and related spheres. ·          5th Interna

How to Write and Submit a Conference paper

Before entering into the mainstream of the topic one should know what actually is meant by the term conference paper. A conference paper is often a written document which is accompanied by an oral representation. It’s a way/process of bringing out new ideas and presenting it in front of individuals and in return gaining valuable feedback from them thereby, establishing a professional stature in his/her field of work. The first and foremost important thing one should keep in mind while preparing a conference paper is that “the topic” which he/she will be representing. The topic of the conference paper should be as such so that it would create an interest in the audience.  Secondly, what actually the abstract and the presentations look like should be well known to the orator, for such information he/she may refer to the previous conference proceedings. The addition of a co-author will be of great help for an individual. Top 10 Academic Conferences in 2016 An indi

How conference organizers can create better attendee experiences

While organizing a conference, organizers often face with a dilemma about how to create better attendee experiences. This leads to exploration of different ways like offering free lunches, creating space for workshops at the end of meetings, etc. However, to increase attendee experience, a general series of steps should be followed: Better Communication : Organizers really need to communicate with potential attendees for getting the maximum of attendee experience. Attendees should know every detail about the conference including transport facilities, logistics, etc, and should be provided with all forms of communication measures to contact organizers. In an era of digital connectivity, only employing conventional methods like emails and phone calls is not enough. Smartphone based app, which provide real time data regarding all aspects should be developed too. Preparing a Theme : Like any good presentation, a proper theme should be put in place, such that it puts up a display o

How to Plan for a Successful Academic Conference

A conference is not a child play; it takes a lot of planning and a checklist of things to be done. No conference will be a success if it’s not one right. There are many individuals to involve, get things done, and get it to the edge. Market it properly to get the right visibility it deserves and bring it to light. Conference is a big thing. It takes awesome people building capability and things to do that would bring in the right attention. Blog posts, podcasts, hosting details, organizing it, arranging for the meet up and creating the impact is necessary. This is a fantastic thing to do. So here is the list of things that might help you in order to plan a good successful academic conference . Use these tips and excel. 1.        Theme of your conference Build a theme on which the attendees would find it potential enough to attend, it is important because it gives an idea of unifying the ideas. This brings in appropriate speakers, and gets the right sell in the market to the